Founded in 2017.

2 Man Team

We are a small team dedicated to bring new, fun and exciting games onto the steam marketplace!

We Are Beginners

Starting our game developing and designing courses early 2017 we fell in love with creating new and fun games.

Running On Low

We currenlty both have full time jobs which means we have little time to make games, we both would love to persue this carreer further and see if we can become stable from games!

— Our Games —

Welcome To Our Games

Currently We Only Have One Game – Block Shock

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Current Game Reviews

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

A classic arcade game where it is required, by repelling the ball with a moving platform, knock out all the blocks on the level.


A game in the style of old games with” Tetris. “There is a platform, a ball and obstacles in the form of blocks that you need to destroy with ball impacts, while the ball must repel from your platform and not fall by.


I found the game you played with me ten years ago, where are you now.


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